Meet our committee!




Name: James Joy

Course: First Year Global Human Rights and Development

James is our newly elected chairperson. He is also a member of the National Youth Executive of Labour Youth, as Policy and Education Officer.


Vice-Chair and First Year Rep

Name: Úna Faller

Course: First Year Arts

Úna is a first year Arts student, and is currently representing first year students on our committee, as well as acting as Vice-President, if this wasn’t enough.



Name: Simon Pindel

Course: Third Year Arts

Simon is a self-described glasses wearing, college attending, stuff loving ginger man. He also studies History and Politics in UCC, we’ve been told.


Financial Officer

Name: Evin Ryan

Course: Second Year Architecture

Evin is a second year architecture student who also serves as the Leinster Area Co-Ordinator for Labour Youth. Passionate about Socialism, he was voted Townie of the Year for the Copley Street Campus for 2017.


Membership Development Officer

Name: Luke Carroll

Course: Final Year Law

Luke is a final year Law student, and current Membership Development Officer in both UCC Labour and in the Labour Youth National Executive.


Public Relations Officer

Name: Lucas Brun

Course: Second Year Arts

Lucas is a second year English and Politics student, and cheese-hating Frenchman. He can usually be found on twitter, or sometimes, around the Student Center.


Women and Trans Officer

Name: Lara Casey

Course: First Year Physics

Lare Casey is a first year physics students. She was elected to be our Women and Trans Officer this year, a role done with pride.